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Alisha /Publications in Monroe College for being the president of Sife, and leading the team to win academic awards and scholarships

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Brickrose is a movement that guides individuals who are looking to create positive change. By exchange of stories, progressive economic movement strategies and advice, and through co responding on our Community Center Website.  This site will provide information on important economic issues, and encourage the opportunity to be a part of the Brickrose Movement.

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In 2010 Alisha Founder of the Brickrose Movement, and her father Michael Loyd created and designed a sophisticated Egyptian Co-ed line of apparel. All proceeds from the Fashion Show went to build a Hospital in Mali, West Africa. During that time Alisha was also working with United Nations as a Public Representative.

Alisha /President of Monroe college SIFE at Fundraiser to End Child Trafficking / 2010

Brickrose Movement!


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Alisha /Public Representative at the United nations Conference  /2011

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Custom Egyptian Apparel. 


Let's turn bricks into roses!

Founded by Alisha B Loyd in 2008

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"Let's Turn Bricks Into roses"

If the children are our future, then why aren't we doing more to aid and protect them? Children are easily influenced, and mimics the people that they come in contact with, like parents, family members, famous icons and friends. Every child with a great voice may not be the next Beyoncé, Rhianna, or JZ, but we can encourage them to be their own best. Some adult men are walking around with their pants sagging off their backsides and glorifies drugs, guns, and alcoholism, not noticing the young man in the background who looks up to them. Do they notice or even care? How about the beautiful over sexualized females in their tight skirts and high heels, who glorify expensive purses and shoes with names that they can't even enunciate. Maybe we as adults, and role models should glorify expensive education, financial literacy, economics and sobriety. We have all been through obstacles in life, but it’s our choice whether we are broken or built by them. And just because you don't feel worthy to be a role model, doesn't mean that you aren't one. As long as you have a place here on God' green earth; you are a role model and matter to the youth that you come into contact with. Whether you are satisfied with your outcome in life or not, please think about the children that you are influencing. You can change a child’s life by being a Brickrose. Children who join gangs may seem tuff, but really they are just crying out for attention and love. Brickrose is about being that change that you had or wished for growing up. Anyone can be a Brickrose, by taking the hard and ruff situations in life and creating a solution. Think about it, is the problem us or them? My solution is to build a Community Center here in New York City urban communities, with programs geared towards creating a positive change in the lives of our at risk youth. Brickrose has made movements, working with the IOM, International Organization for Migration and the United Nations to help children with dire needs worldwide. Alisha Loyd, founder of the Brickrose Movement and a New York native, realized that there was a dire need right here in her own community as well. There is a strong need for Community, Unity and Responsibility in our New York City urban community. So please contact Alisha Loyd if you are interested in joining the Brickrose Movement. There are so many ways to help our children in need!